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Plan /7th form/ 2014-2015 /68 hour /

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                              The  themeDatehour         GrammarVocabulary   Home taskNotes
 І term (18 hour)
   Unit1.Education. ( 14 hours. )
1Step  1.   Getting to know each other.1Present  Perfect  Tense with since, for.Talking about dislikes.Ex.16p.13
2Step  2.  English  is my favorite  subject.1Present  Perfect with since, for.Talking about the places they have visited.Ex.19p.19
3Step  3. Having friends.1Present  Perfect  Tense with since, for.Adjectives describing friends.Ex. 12 p.22
4My friend has been reading since morning.1Present Perfect  Continuous TenseTalking about schools in Kazakhstan.Ex.20
5Schools in Kazakhstan.   1 Prepositions, Past Simple.Talking about schools in Kazakhstan.Ex.14
6Secondary education.1 Conditional sentences..Words connected with schools.Ex.8
7Schools in  Britain.1Present SimpleTalking about schools in  Britain.Ex.12
8Comparing the systems of  education in Great Britain and Kaz-n.  1Complex  Object.Talking about schools in  Britain  and Kaz-n.Ex .7
9Having pen friends.1Present Perfect  Continuous TenseWriting lettersWriting letters
10My school day.1Reported speech.More adjectives describing your day.Write about your day.
11Speaking about schools1PrepositionsSpeaking about schoolsEx.9
12Schools of future.1Future SimpleWrite  about your imaginary school.Write a short text.
14Correction  work
   Unit 2 .The  living world.  ( 18 hours )
15Step.1 About animals.1Present   Simple  TenseDescribe animals.Ex.4p.14
16Step 1 Animal life in Great Britain .1Present   Simple  TenseWords connected with animals.
18Revision.Correction work
 II term (14 hour)       
1Step 2. Life in the desert.1Present   Simple  TenseWords connected with animals and plants.Ex.17p.14
2Step 2. Omar’s album.1Can, have toTalk about animals and reptiles.Ex.15 p.49
3The ocean world:  Whales.1Can, have toDescribe ocean world.Ex .12p. 52
4Step  3.animals are in danger.1The degrees of comparison of adjectives.Talk about danger.Ex.13p.54
5Step  3.   “Do you know that?Protecting nature.( 131, messages. )1Present Perfect TenseTalk about birds.Ex. 20 p.55
6Step 4.  The green world.1Present   Simple  TensePresent Perfect TenseTalk about trees.Ex.17 p.59
7Step 5.Living plants.1Present   Simple  TensePresent Perfect  Continuous TenseTalk about plants.Ex.17p63
9Typical   animals of Kazakhstan.1Present   Simple  TensePrepositions.Using topical vocabulary.Ex.10p.125.
10Speaking about Kazakhstan.1Present   Simple  TensePrepositions.Words connected with  geography.Ex.12 p.126
11What do you think?(p.125,7grade new)1Present   Simple  Tense.Talk about the climate.Ex.8p.126
12Typical  animals of Great Britain (115,8grade, old)1Present   Simple  Tense.Perfect  Passive.Using topical vocabulary.Ex.10 p.116
13Great Britain. It’s geography.(p.117, 8grade, old)1Present   Simple  Tense.Perfect  Passive.Talk about geographical position o G.B.To learn words.
14Test   1
 III term (20 hour)       
 Unit 3. Eating . Shopping. ( 9 hours ).
1Step 1.Eating in Britain1Plural nouns: -s ,-es. Countable and uncountable nouns much/many.Talking about British and Kazakh  eating.Ex.19
2Step 2 School canteen.1Passive Voice, There is/there are. Articles: zero, definite, indefinite.Talk about  school canteen.Ex.15
3Step 3. Our  favourite  recipes.1Reflexive pronouns: myself, yourself, himself, herself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.Writing recipe cards.Ex.14
4Step 4. Table manners.1There is some/ there are not any. Are there any….? Talk  about table manners.Ex.5p.88
5Step 4 . Eating habits in your family.1Some ,anyWords connected with eating.Ex. 6
6Step  5. Shopping in Britain.1Numbers.Talk about different shops.Ex . 8 p.93
7Step  5. Menu.1Present Simple.Write menu.
8Test  yourself.1
9Correction  work1
 Unit 4.Health    ( 9 hours )
10Step.1 It really works!1Present   Simple  TenseTalk about illnesses.Parts of the body.Ex.8p.102
11Step 2 .At the doctor’s. 1Present   Simple  Tense Revision  of  vocabulary To make up the dialogue.
12Treating a patient.1Should, have to, must, mustn’tTalk about illnesses and their treatment. Ex.12.p.106
13Step 3. Health problem.1The past Simple. Adverbs of frequency.Talk about visiting the doctor.Ex.14.p.110
14Step  4.School  rules.1Modal verbs: should, have to, must.Talk about school rules.Ex.16.p.114
15Step 5. What should you do to keep fit?1Should/shouldn’tExpressions of quality. Talk about keeping fit.Ex.10.p.117
16Step5. Grammar: some/any, much/many, a few/a little, a lot of/ lot’s of.1some/any, much/many, a few/a little, a lot of/ lot’s of.Talk about  countable and uncountable nouns.Ex.6 p. 186
17Test yourself1
18Revision. Correction work.1
 Unit. 5  English speaking countries .                                ( 18 hours )
19The United Kingdom.. ( p.152 ,600 устных тем.)1Present SimplePrepositionsTalking about the  UKEx .2 p.154 (600 устных тем.)
20The USA. ( p.197 ,600 устных тем.)1Present Simple  PrepositionsArticleTalking about the  USA.Ex .2 p.200 (600 устных тем.)
 IY term ( 16 hour)       
1Canada ( p.220 ,600 устных тем.)1Present Simple  PrepositionsTalking about    CanadaEx .2 p.221 (600 устных тем.)
2Australia ( p.223 ,600 устных тем.)1Present SimpleTalking about   AustraliaEx .2 p.224 (600 устных тем.)
3New Z ealand ( p.232 ,600 устных тем.)1Present SimpleTalking about New ZealandEx .2 p.233 (600 устных тем.)
4Ireland . About Ireland. ( p.234 ,600 устных тем.)1Present SimpleTalking about  IrelandEx .2 p.235 (600 устных тем.)
6Correction work.1Revision
7System of Government of G.B.1Present PerfectExplain the meaning of the words.Ex.3 p.165
8Parliament of G.B/1Wh- questions.Answer  the questions.Ex.3 p.167
9Cities of G.B.  London.1Discuss  the words.Answer  the questions.Ex . 2
10A weekend in Manchester ( p.69 Messages.)Glasgow. (6Grade ,p.250 Starkov )1Answer  the questions.Answer the questions.
11Ch. Dickens.  ( 7 grade new.)1Past  SimpleTalking  about outstanding people.Ex.4
12W.Shakespeare. ( p.52 8 grade,new )1Past  SimpleTalking  about outstanding people.Ex.2
13C . Doyle.1Past  SimpleTalking  about outstanding people.
15Correction  work1
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