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Let’s have fun

Date: 22.11.2016 Forms: 8a,ә
The theme: Let’s have fun
The aim: To enlarge and to develop pupils’ interest to learning English, understanding memory oral speech. To practice pupils by using many games.

Visual aids: different things, markers, posters, chairs, etc.
The procedure of the game

I. Greeting
Good day, teachers and pupils! Welcome to our game of “Let’s have fun!” To this game will take pert 8a and 8ә. Let me introduce with parts of the game:
1. “Think and find”
2. “Write more”
3. “Brainstorm”
4. “Hot chair”
5. “Make a puzzle”
6. “Write on a back”
7. “Jump and say”

II. Now let me introduce with members of juries: Bibinur Rakhmetovna and Zhangul Zhalgasovna

The theme: Let’s have funIII. Now let’s begin our game. A first you must introduce yourself
1. What’s your name?
2. How old are you?
3. How are you?
4. Which class are you in?
5. Who is your friend?
6. Where are you from?
7. What’s your address?
8. Do you like apple?
9. Can you play football?
10. What’s your hobby/
11. What’s your favourite subject?
12. What is the capital of our Republic?

IV. Now, the first game is called “Think and find”. In this part you must name the thing with taking it from the bag.
In the bag will be so things: pen, pencil, toy, ball, mirror, balloon, flower.

V. The second part is “Write more”. In this you’ll write the more words to each letter which given you. For example: swim-so, she, we, well, in, ill, mother, my, etc.

VI. The third part is “Brainstorm”. At this I’ll give one. You must write more words.


VII. Physical minute.
(pupils will be dance to the song)
VIII. The fourth part is “Hot chair”. You must sit on a chair of TRUE or FALSE answering the questions. Who will say the first he will be won

True or False?
1. Snow is white?
2. Copybook is school thing?
3. Teacher is translated “дәрігер”?
4. Daddy and Mummy are parents?
5. Blue is in Kazakh “көк”?
6. Our school is Kenbai secondary school?
7. Canada is a town
8. Astana is the capital of the USA?
9. Tiger is a wild animal
10. There are four seasons?
IX. The fifth game is “Make a puzzle”. At this part you must make the pictures then name it.
I group II group

X. The sixth game is “Write on a back”. In this part group pupils will be mix. Then they will stand looking at a back. 1 group pupils must write their names on a back.

XI. The end part is “Jump and say”. Group pupils will be say in Kazakh given English words with jumping.

I group – Professions: teacher, nurse, driver, astronaut, lawyer, pilot

II group- Foods: carrot, cabbage, potatoes, egg, tomato, grape.

XII. Let’s sing a song.
“Jingle bells”

XIII. Conclusion
Dear, pupils! Our today’s game is over. I’ll give the word to members of jury. They speak your scores
Thanks good participation. I wish you good luck and studying to mark of “5”. Good bye, teachers and pupils!

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